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Nursing Tops Buying Guide

A nursing top is a must have if you’re planning to breastfeed your baby. Breastfeeding is the best way to give babies the essential nutrients they need to stay healthy and strong. It also strengthens the bond between you and your baby. Continue reading this buying guide to learn the features to look for when shopping for nursing tops and why you need to buy them.

What To Look For

Build-In Nursing Bra

Consider buying a top that has a built-in nursing bra. This helps to eliminate the need to put on a separate bra, which in turn, ensures that your baby accesses his food faster and easily during feedings. You can wear them under a regular shirt, jacket or even sweater.

Adjustable Straps

It is also equally important to choose tops that have adjustable straps, which can accommodate your changing body. The more flexible the top is, the more comfortable you’ll feel as you breastfeed.

Build-In Nursing Bra

Breast Area Coverage

Some tops cover most parts of your breast area, while others leave you fully exposed as your breastfeed. If you usually feed your baby in public, you can minimize your exposure by buying tops that cover your breasts properly, or using nursing cover.


Nursing tops should be well fitting and comfortable to wear. Fabrics such as cotton have proven to be the best for breastfeeding as they are soft and breathable. This enhances the safety and comfort of both you and your baby. To find the right fit, most manufacturers recommend that you purchase your pre-pregnancy size. It is also equally important to ensure that the fabric is stretchy to comfortably accommodate your changing body.


Be sure to first consider your preferred dressing style and intended use of the top before buying. For instance, if you’re pumping milk at work, dressier breastfeeding shirts will be more appropriate for you since they have clips and snaps at every shoulder that allow easy access during feeding.

Benefits of Nursing Tops
Easy Access To Breasts

One of the best things about these important clothes is that they make breastfeeding process much easier. Most of them are specifically designed with reasonably wide open necks that allow easy access to your breasts, making feeding faster.

Build-In Nursing Bra

Prevents Stretching Of Regular Clothes

Breastfeeding using normal clothes is likely to cause their neckline to stretch considerably overtime. However, since most tops made for nursing are flexible, they are able to retain their original shape after feeding.

Allows Breastfeeding Discreetly and Comfortably

These tops also come in so many styles that allow you to feed the baby discreetly and comfortably. So, finding what suits your preference should not be a problem.

Overall, with the right nursing top, you’ll feel confident and comfortable to feed your baby whenever he is hungry. Implement these simple tips the next time you go shopping to help you find what you’re looking for easily.

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