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Reasons for Breast Reduction

Unlike what many people think, breast reduction is a common procedure just like breast enlargement. The reason why many people consider breast reduction is due to dissatisfaction with the current look and size of the breast. During a breast reduction procedure, cosmetic surgery perth will surgically reduce the size of the breast through a very careful procedure. It is argued that a breast reduction procedure is even more sensitive and requires more care compared an enlargement procedure.

When do people consider breast reduction?

Too large causing pain

If your breasts are too large causing pain and discomfort, then probably it is the time you consider a breast reduction procedure. There are cases when the breasts are too large for the body frame, and this somehow causes imbalance.

It becomes very difficult to do normal activities like walking up the stairs or jogging. People who have larger than normal breast size may complain about pain on various parts of the body like neck and shoulders. This is because they cannot support the size of your breast.

Nipples and areola facing downwards

There are instances when the breast may be too big to the extent that the nipples and areola face downwards. This is an indication that you need to undergo a breast reduction procedure to correct the condition. During a breast reduction procedure, the cosmetic surgeon will reduce the breast by removing the excess tissue that is causing the sagging of nipples.

By the end of it, the nipples will go back to normal shape as a result of the reduction of weight on the breast. The heavy breast can be a source of a lot of pain and discomforts and it is always logic to reduce them.

Unhappy, embarrassed or low self-esteem

If you are unhappy with the size of your breast, then consider talking to your cosmetic surgeon. There are times when you feel that your breast are too big, and they become a source of embarrassment, and you want to cover them all the time. Larger than the normal size can also lower one’s self-esteem because you might feel left out of the normal size.

If you are facing any of these feelings, then you might consider seeking advice from your cosmetic surgeon. Reducing the size of your breast will also make you confident and look better in clothes. Most people feel that if they are comfortable with their body, then they will be able to feel better about themselves.

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