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Advantages of Epilation over Waxing

The two main body hair removal methods that stand out are epilation and waxing. There has been an endless raging debate as to which method is better than the other. What then is epilation and waxing? What are the advantages of epilation over waxing as a hair removal treatment?

Epilation Or Waxing


An Epilator is a small electronic powered device that resembles an electric shaver. It has a rotating tweezers head that traps hair pulling them out from their roots as it races across one’s skin. This is the modern day hair removal solution.

WaxingEpilation over Waxing

Waxing is an ancient hair removal technique that dates back as early as ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians used honey and oil to do it. This shows that back then a hairless body was regarded as a sign of proper hygiene. The practice was borrowed by ancient Rome who associated hairless skin as a sign of class and wealth.

Which Method Is More Preferable – Epilation or Waxing?

Waxing is highly popular and is performed in many salons and homes. It is a great way of getting rid of a lot of hair at one go. Unfortunately, waxing is disliked due to the sticky and messy procedure that accompanies it. People with ultra-sensitive skin may experience skin irritation or rashes after the procedure has been completed.

In some cases, the minor bruises which are evident after waxing may persist for a longer while. It is not advisable for those with a skin allergy or acne problem to use waxing for hair removal. This has strongly fueled the argument that epilators are preferred than waxing.

Most beauty experts prefer epilators for hair removal on the legs and arms. Epilating involves using an electrical device to extract the entire hair shaft at its root. Threading, waxing and tweezing are all indirect forms of epilating. The only distinction is that epilator devices use the rotating tweezers-like head when removing hair.

Advantages Of Epilation

· They are electrically powered devices which operate faster than other hair removal methods. In addition to being safe, they leave minimal dirt trail than waxing.
· The modern day epilators are much easier to operate.
· When compared to other shaving methods such as using depilatory creams and shaving, epilators guarantee a smooth skin surface as hair is shaved off at the root.
Epilation over Waxing· Most branded epilators arrive with additional extras that ensure you receive better shaving results.
· Good epilators have electric razor attachments used on sensitive areas that cannot be reached when tweezing.
· Epilators can be used while in the bath.
· The advanced epilators are fitted with massage rollers to stimulate your skin before you begin the hair removal process and arrive at pre-epilation wipes that reduce any pain experienced.

When epilators were designed, the manufacturers attempted to remedy some of the issues associated with waxing. In as much as waxing is till popularly used by most women worldwide, epilators are gaining popularity fast and might replace waxing altogether.

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